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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum Soundtrack
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Steve Harley lyrics

Rating: 5.84
Best Years of Our Lives
49th Parallel
Back To The Farm
It Wasn't Me
Make Me Smile
Mr. Raffles
The Best Years Of Our Lives
The Mad, Mad Moonlight
Love Is a Prima Donna
(I Believe)Love's A Prima Donna
(If This Is Love)Give Me More
(Love)Compared With You
Carry Me Again
Finally A Card Came
Gi Valentine
Here Comes The Sun
Innocence And Guilt
Is It True What They Say
Seeking A Love
Seeking A Love (Part II)
Too Much Tenderness
Bed In The Corner
Mr. Soft
Singular Band
Sling It
Sweet Dreams
Tumbling Down
The Human Menagerie
Crazy Raver
Death Trip
Loretta's Tale
Mirror Freak
Muriel The Actor
My Only Vice
What Ruthy Said
Timeless Flight
All Men Are Hungry
Black Or White (And Step On It)
Don't Go, Don't Cry
Everything Changes
Nothing Is Sacred (It's Everything Else)
Red Is A Mean, Mean Colour
The Mad, Mad Moonlight
White, White Dove
Yes you can
Dancing On The Telephone
Fire In The Night
New-Fashioned Way
Rain In Venice
Star For A Week (Dino)
The Alibi
The Lighthouse
Victim Of Love
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