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Part 6. Move lyrics

Rating: 4.95
Song Details
Album(s)Yeah! Yeah! Die! Die! Death Metal Symphony In Deep

...meets the good old angel...

John Doe:
I decide to go one thought it hurts me so
You lost your memory and I lost my soul
Was it good, was it bad, was it just the same
Thought the past darkly, and we lost the game
I never realised now things really went
And where the Angel is, and what she meant
She said we were in the land of metal
And we made the wrong decision and we found only death

The Angel:
World - you see - is in your eyes
You see the truth and you see the lies
How come is the world so bad?
It's up to you what you want to add

John Doe:
But you see, this poor friend, how is he now?
He's in the world of confusion - deep in the mood
How can you tell it's his own fault what he did?
You made a yell of death and then he was hid
How can you tell it was right what you did?
You took us away from our normal trip
It makes no sense to come here to die.
Is there sense at all, should I still try?

The Angel:
World - you see - is in his eyes
he will be well, he can feel his files
In this place no one can die
It's up to you, if you want to lieJohn Doe:
(Wveryday you want to survive)
We are poor, lost soldiers and we don't know how
We can pass this test we are in, now
We are living in the land of poverty
We don't even know if "I" am for "me"
You threw us here into this symphony
or the two kinda metas, when I chose I'll see
If it's wrong, I'll be dead, if it's right I'll be free
That's how I'm gonna pay for my destiny

The Angel:
Don't be scared, you see with your eyes
You see the truth and you see the lies
Go and take your friend with you
It's up to you want to move

John Doe:
Move, move!

The Angel:

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