Gotta Find A Way lyrics

Rating: 4.65
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Album(s)Discover My Soul

Why do I panic? This shit is manic
I got it going on and I don't know where it's coming from
I feel no strenght in, I have no trust in
Myself or anything I liked that's gone so long
Might be a timeshock - that I took
Might be my love - love that I locked
Might be my heart - hard as a rock
All I know I never knew this lifehook
Damn this is tragic, where is the magic
Where's all the glitter, gleam those things
I dream my selfesteem
I've got to, got to, got to
I've got to find a way
Guess I am static, full automatic
There is this fear for me to take and pull it all inside
How can I - break my prison?
How can I - get a vision?
How can I - find some wisdom?
All I know I need a fast desiscion
Damn can I try it, I don't deny it
From dark to dawn from dawn to light your brown eyes turned life bright

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