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La Primera lyrics

Rating: 5.26
Song Details
Artist(s)Ian Tyson
Album(s)Lost Herd

It was a long hard voyage to the Americas
in 1493
I was afraid that I would die of thirst
The little mare beside me died
and was put into the sea, but I survied
I swam to shore, I am La Primera

When Cortez sailed from Mexico
from that island in the sun
there were 16 of us sorrels, blacks and bays
one of them was my first born
he was called the Coyote Dun
he served well the conquered of Mexico

Chorus: I am a drinker of the wind
I am the one who never tires
I love my freedom than all these things
the Conquistador
- Comanche and the cowboy
I carried them to glory
I am La Primera- Spanish mustang
hear my story

The Comanches were holy terrors
when they climed upon our backs
when the grass was green
they would raid for a thousand miles
but the Texans had revolvers
when they returned from the war
buffalo had gone away
the Comanche moon was waning

So it's come along boys and listen to my tale
We are following the longhorn cow
going up Mister Goodnite's trail you see
Those cowboys were kind to us
we listen to their sad songs
all the way to the far Saskatchewan

High in the Pyor Mountains
first light of dawn
Coyote Dun walks beneth the morning Star
he became an outlaw...his blood was
watered some, but the flame still burns
into the new millennium

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