Steamroller lyrics

Rating: 4.32
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Album(s)A Search For A Reason

If you could just feel my pain
My pain, my sorrow
You'd realize what I can't be tomorrow
Your self-motivating words I know
But you're talking so much shit
Your mouth looks like an asshole
Every time I see myself
I choke down all the loathe inside
It's so rock star typical
Can't you see why I'm cynical
Can you hear me?
What did I say?
Can't you see me, wasting away?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Caught between what I say and what I see
Like all them stupid motherfuckers on MTV
All your bithcin' and whining, I've heard it all before
Someone please tell me the score
Kids tease up your mowhawks now
Your new punk rock ain't going to last
Kill all rock stars
Wonder how they got the idea?
Can you hear me?
What did I say
Can't you see me
Wasting away?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

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