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Millennium lyrics

Rating: 4.10
Song Details
Artist(s)Vox Humana
Album(s)  -

Yes I'm sure I've got it all
I step from behind the wall;
I leave the pride of night
Now this is the world outside:
Memories can't hide away
And promises will also stay.
Half the man I have been and
Younger, who has it seen ?

And there she is again
Holding my heart in her hand.
And all I can do is to run,
But I can't go on
When neither my love nor one
Thousand years could ever end,
And whether one changes or one
Thousand years will never end.

I carved my very shades in stone
And emptiness, one spark alone
There is no rest in shadowplay
The dying ones can fly away.
One life calls me back again:
To sing, to dance, the power of man.
Millennium's lost, out of view
The arc of time will close without you.


One life given, one life lost
One ring's gift failed in the frost,
My heart's beating, for ever bound.
Once fate leavin' was never found
Anyone's forgiven, I have paid my due
I waited thousand years for you.


One time you means ever true
A thousand years into the blue...

T: Dorian
M: Kryshan
©Vox Humana 1998.
Alle Rechte vorbehalten.

All lyrics are property and copyright of their owners.