Sinners Are Winners lyrics

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Album(s)Monster Effect

There once was a man
Started playing the game
Good, bad and ugly
Results were the same, the same

He cheated and lied
'Til he got to the top
Power-mad crazy
Didn't know when to stop, to stop

He just piled his money mountain-high
He took everybody for a ride

Wheeling and dealing
An' all dirty deeds
He ploughed through his rivals
Got fat on his greed, his greed

The arrogant muther
Kicked dirt in the face
Sweetened his deals
Mixed with arsenic and lace, with lace

Sinners are winners
Never going down

Ruin and want
Are just left in his wake
Riches and glory
All there for the take, the take

One law for the poor
The rest for the rich
There's no way to nail
This son of a bitch, a bitch

Sinners are winners
Never going down

And we all know who that is !?

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