Smart Went Crazy lyrics

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Album(s)You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having

Smart went crazy, truth went trendy
The story got lazy so I rewrote the ending
Manipulated the entry, more user friendly
Now a city full of painpills and tatooes defend me
I waver from the dead to the halfdead
Grey space between the fanbase and the crackhead
Sunset, sailboat set course for hell
A cross and a hammer, but you'll have to get some nails
Take credit, for anything embedded in the edit
As long as you meant it when you said it
And all of the kids laugh, when you admit that
It mighta been witchcraft that made my noose fit bad
Well I'ma act like I don't give a make love
Take what I got to teach everyone to break stuff
I'ma act like there's poison in the pancakes
And amputate the one that wasn't loyal with the handshakes
Proud to know ya, Minnesota missle
Never sold coke and I never had to hold a pistol
Civil and simple, but set the freakshow
Loose on the nipple, watch her whole fuckin titty ripple
It's why we battle, it's why we travel
It's why the mascott thinks that I'm an asshole
We made the team without puttin on a uniform
Smart went nuts and rode a unicorn through the storm

Smart went crazy, but where did you go
Smart went crazy, but where did you go
Smart went crazy, but where did you go
Smart went crazy, where did you go now

Smart went crazy, kiss Ms. Daisy
Loved you like every night was christmas baby
Maybe we can take it back to the way we was
Still on some "what have you done for me lately"
No gravy if the base is porkface
Tourdates ate my big little brother's courtcase
Poor taste got passed up as gourmet
This beer is foreplay
We'll meet up at your place
I sting like a first divorce, or them first Newports
Whatever hurts you more
"You're headed for self destruction" been there, did that
kick back with the wrong angel to fuck with
Carve my charm into your arms
Fuck around, unravel this tall ball of yarn
Snuck round back to disarm the alarm
From the plantation to the reservation to the farms
And nobody knows where you'll end up
Only guarantee in life is death or a headfuck
Yea, you thought it was a set up, well guess what
You you can catch up with the rest of my "Best Of"
I got a few blocks left before I reach my destionation
And retrieve my breath
And god blessed every step I stole
Just to let me know, she wouldn't ever let me go

[Chorus - 2X]

Smart went crazy, the rubber bend went snap
This goes to those that hold it down 'til I get back
Hold on to me, grow along with me
I don't know where I'm goin but I'll end up in your arms [4X]

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