Crumbs On The Table lyrics

Rating: 4.49
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Artist(s)D Nice
Album(s)Call Me D Nice

I've come to complicate you / I've got a big suprize

I've come so far to thank you / blood runs from raining eyes

still in bed you never loose your head /

they said whats that light I see /

running knees they never seem to please me/

you painted pictures of me / yea /

I'd never felt so high / I never thought so low /

no more screaming advice / its what I already know

I'm not willing to die / I'm not ready to go

my view was never you / yea / you painted pictures of me

I'm always designated / left / right/ I would be alright

you seem to constipated / no help from me tonight

heh/ you chose straight out to fuck me

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