Cuor Senza Sangue lyrics

Rating: 3.87
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Artist(s)Emma Shapplin
Album(s)  -

Cycle of uncertainty spinnin round' and round'
when will it ever stop, when I'm 6 feet underground?
Mom i wanna be just like you
Smokin crack
Dad i wanna end up like you
with a bullet in my back
15 and pregnant
a kid with a kid
don't blame me
i'm just livin like my parents did
poverty breeds poverty
want living proof? just look at me
another peice of ghetto trash
that's all that I'll ever be
cycle of uncertainty spinnin round and round
when will it ever stop, when i'm 6 feet underground?
i can't see past these inner city walls
i got no need for rules, i got no need for laws
i steal, i kill, to make it through the day
i got so many problems and they wont just go away
nowhere to run
nowhere to go
just trying to make it to tomorrow
can't you see what's goin on??
Fucked up parents
making fucked up kids

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