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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum Soundtrack
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Time lyrics

Rating: 3.87
Song Details

written by Andy Chantu "vars" of NaVaJo music Nigeria.the song was released on his birthday 22nd march 2015. more on the song on their website

Verse 1.

there comes a time when a baby has gotta be born,
and yes for sure, the baby turned out to be boy.
handsome! it really feels good to be born and so i guess the new world is just the burmmm.
Mama, lemme explore the universe
lemme walk on my feet and feel the gravity
make friends live a life, speak my own words
it wont be bad i guess I'll just be doing well.
and mama took her boy to elementary
he wanna learn, wanna grow up to be a man.
so one day he will take care of old mama
take charge, earn cash and cater for us.
and daddy thought him the good ways of the lord, with boldness and dearness, never sparing the rod.
as life goes on, the boy met the teen age
the story changed with the age - modern times arrived

Verse 2.

high school,
another moment of a life
he met friends
ones of the same age group
we had arrived
puberty and liberty
i guess it was time to try out lifestyles.
we tried love ; or maybe just the fleshy lust.
he broke bounds; just to see the outside.
how it looks -what the free world felt like
we met people, i guess we learnt so many things
got off the chains; bigger boy in wider world
and luckily the whole heat just cooled down.
it's university, time for you to take decisions.

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