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I shall rise lyrics

Rating: 3.25
Song Details

written by Andy "vars" Chantu of NaVaJo Music Nigeria. produced by u_mar of clever music Jos, Nigeria.more info on the song on navajo's official website.

Just like the skies
I will rise
Just like the slave
I would sail.. Ayyyyy!!!

Verse 1:
Did you wanna see me broken?
Bowed head lowered eyes - looking so shameful?
Shoulders falling down like tear drops so weaken.
But i laugh like i got goldmines digging
Back there at the backyard where I'm living
See, you can try to throw me down anyway, but capillary action, I'm still gonna rise so high

Just like the birds in the sky
Certainty of tides
Just like the hopes springing high
I will rise
Just like the slave i have a dream
To one day set sail
Up from a past rooted in pain
Surely i will rise.

leaving behind
Nights of terror and fear
I will rise
Into a day break that's wondrously clear
I shall rise
Not from the death
But from the sleep and slumber
I will rise
Wash off the shame, weakness and sickness boy
You will rise.

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