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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum Soundtrack
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F1 lyrics

Rating: 3.62
Song Details

written and produced by vars of navajo music Nigeria. released date: November 06, 2014.

Verse 1

Just the other night my hommie had to holla me
"I'm so stuck up in a real hard situation'
I'm trying, I'm trying
I never seem to progress
I'm loosing hope brother i need for you to F1.
I had to realize that everybody leans back
On somebody when the going gets tough and weary.
The world is so divided, people need to turn around
You want a life longer? You need to help people.
But dont expect to reap the benefits of charity
Just after few tosses - boy you need a parity
And helping others really helps you on the long run
As big as the world is, e go dey turn around!
Biggest things start from small ones- babu reini
Never stop, Keep tough, seek the F1s
Its gonna come no matter how e dey tey tey
And never think you never need support from anyone!

The people sleeping on the streets they need an F1,
many stuck up on they're own they need an F1
The ghetto people in the ville they need an F1
Everybody everyone they need the F1.

Verse 2
You can be the one to make a change in Africa
You will need to start from you and your environment
So you can slowly influence the teaming population,
And spread around the word of peace all over continents!
Don't worry i can be of help bro
Just share the challenges and we can reason together
I can support you and you also support me
We've got each other's backs all becos of F1
No matter the matter we know we've gotta breakthrough
And that can be achieved only by using F1
I see the future better if we use the F1
No need for long talks Naija Need an f1 joorh!
Oh na na nnaaa
Oh na na naa
Oh nana naa

Time for little play,
get ready uh!

Verse 3

talking bout help
Lapsar huh!
You know what it feels like helpless
You're independent? Then you'd already know the consequences
The tendency of being failures and meliurs
The only wisdom is to know that you know nothing hey
You can do anything hey
But not everything Boy!
Now back to the main thing
Shoutout to veebeats
Shoutout to veebeats
Shoutout to veebeats
I said shoutout to veebeats.

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