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Illuminati lyrics

Song Details
Artist(s)The Bondi Hipsters
Album(s)  -


we want to get into the illuminati
'cause we wanna get invited to the coolest parties
by satellite communicating hidden symbology
soon we'll be part of a secret society

hollywood will open up their stores for us
we'll meet the inner circle of executives
we'll give a guy a wristy in a warm jacuzzi
and the guy will put us on a disney movie

then they'll play our music on mtv
we'll be given designer clothes for free
and we can drive anywhere dui
'cause we'll be under the protection of the all-seeing eye

and we'll never have to worry about bills again
'cause the rockefeller family will be our best friends
we'll fuck a squirrel and finger a fish
eye triangle, triangle eye, eye pyramid

(you can be rich and famous too!)
(i love the establishment! yay!)

we want to get into the illuminati
and we wanna hang out with jay-z and beyonce
we want to sell our souls in a billion records
and bow before our reptilian overlords

then the enlightened few will bring us into the fold
where we'll be told secrets of all
like why the cia killed jfk
and why on earth the moon landing was fake

being illuminati will be so much fun
we'll learn the truth about area 51
they'll tell us where flight mh370 is
and which politicians like to fuck kids

we'll get a million followers on instagram
we'll have the whole wide world in our hands
the rothschilds will take us to bohemian grove
where it's likely that we'll both be murdered and cloned

illuminati! (lets manipulate the economy!)
illuminati! (war is good for humanity!)

we'll be given the keys to unlock the bible
and we'll become lucifer's loyal disciples
we'll pray to baphomet and the princes of hell
we'll bath in pig blood and cut ourselves

under the blood moon,
beneath saturn's radiant energy,
before the dark lord lucifer himself,
i invoke the four crown princes of hell,
embodying the forces of darkness
to bestow their knowledge and power upon me.

i, your faithful servant,
promise to hide triangles in things,
perform at the grammys
and tell people the earth is round.

from this day forth,
i'll do whatever it takes to feed globalism,
multinational corporations, the establishment
and the military industrial complex.

(i love fracking! it's the best!)
(let's go for some pizza! -what flavor? -kiddie flavor!
(we're gonna get assassinated for making this video)
(more like initiated)

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