United Scum lyrics

Rating: 3.59
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Album(s)Noisy Fairytales

words: Marco Roelofs

Fools, punks and skins united as one
Don't talk about politics just have fun
People say we're scumbags, but we don't care
We will never disappear, we're always be here

Scum is what you call us
Scum is what we will be
Scum is what you call us
Scum is all you see

We don't give a fuck which crowd you're in
It doesn't make sense what's the color of your skin
Bald, boots, long hair or converse shoes
Welcome to the crowd, united scum rules


We're just us, UNITED SCUM!
Have a right to speak, UNITED SCUM!
Call us what you want, UNITED SCUM!
Can't break us down, UNITED SCUM!


This song tells exactly what De Heideroosjes stand
for. We don't care if people call us fools or scum. We
just wanna have a good time and we hope people who
come to our gigs want the same

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