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Album(s)Till Monkeys Fly

I don't know how to get up early.
A church bell for alarm is simply not enough.
I'm scared to lose the dreamy moment,
so when I get the chance I shut it off.

The dream I dreamt is fading slowly.
All I know is that I lost a fight.
Well I'm still tired, like I've been working.
Like I live another life at night.

Just getting up to drink my coffee.
I walk towards the toilet do my thing.
The mailman's late, repeats the story.
Shit, he's earlier than yesterday.

Somehow it seems cut up now.
Twisted views on daily news and all.
The tube is watching you now.
So turn it off and shake it off now.

Daily news does nothing new,
so you read your horoscope just to verify they're lying.
Turn the page in search for some white space.
Deserts or snow would be fine.
There's no joy; no one is dancing,
Daily news' power makes me cry.
So what's the use of making chances.
Why don't we all smile our daisy smiles


I'm looking for a smile.
I'm looking for a reason why.
Because it seems so long ago that people smiled their daisy smiles.

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