Mack 10's The Name lyrics

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Artist(s)Mack 10

Mack 10's the Name

Gangsta's don't dance we boogie
Usually always down for the come up, late nite to sun up
365 look out, I took out niggaz foe they loot
When I drive-by I shoot
Blast their ass, smoke the spot like a genie
Many niggaz want to be one, but they don't want to see me
MACK the renegade rap rebel, ghetto livin unforgivin
I've been driven psycho, I just might go BUCK BUCK BUCK
Wild do it right, keep it tight
So I sight busters in the scope, no hope
Cut short by the cutthroat, I make heads flaot
Cause I'm dope as caviar, by far nigagz from the Inglewood
to the Compton car
In my click crooked legit SHIT you can't FUCK wit
Fool like B.G. I'm brung up down
To kick dust hit you up then I bust nigga

(I heard the name in 99 different places)
(The name's Mack 10, and I live Inglewood)

Up jumped the boogie bang bang, when I dump give ya hell
When the shells kick out the riot pump
When I jerk it, klack klack work it
Easy if it's greasy
One time had to pull they straps to freeze me
Elite on my feet, if I don't see heat
I slang boulder, I soldiers, the west side streets
Down for the do low know, crazy that as gets
The gangsta SHIT don't quit
Much more bounc to the ounce, slippedy slide
Let Me Ride on these niggaz, check em nine double-m fully tech em
Straight up gun play one way, rat-a-tat-tat em
Buck red hot ones at em, aim at em, flame at pop-um
Till me drop em kill or be killed so I keep my clip filled
When I ball, whatta HELL, it's my everyday behavior
Khakis, Slingshot, and Chuck Taylors

(I heard the name in 99 different places)
(The name's MACK 10 and I live Inglewood)

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