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Robin S. Mary---Dance lyrics

Rating: 6.24
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We want everybody to get up this evening
Have a good time, turn the music up, yeah

Woot, woot (Hmm, na, na, na)
Woot, woot (Hmm, na, na, na, na)
Woot, woot, woot, woot
Woot, woot (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
This is how we gonna do this tonight

Check it
Dance, everybody down with us
Just dance, coming through the room and clap
Your hands, they ask who's best tonight
I am, God's been good to me
Never to be too late and continuously
He's great, he's on time even if I have to sit and wait

[Robin S.]
Sitting in the corner reminiscing bout
The course my life has taken
All my ups and all my downs
With your mercy and grace
Has brought me to this place

When I think of what He's done
I can dance, dance, dance
All day, all night
C'mon stand, clap your hands

Trials and pain, temptations reign
I never see how I'm gonna make it through on my own
Not a chance, so I have to turn to you
When you come and rescue me
Once again and again
So right now, all I can do
Is give you thanks, yeah

Repeat 1

It's alright, it's okay
C'mon clap your hands
Give Him praise, give Him praise
Go ahead just stand up
C'mon shout and dance
Give Him praise, give Him praise

Repeat 1 (til end of song)

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