Primer 55---This Life lyrics

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you've got no selfesteem, and you think you're so mistreated.
you can't stand your face, and you cannot,
cannot believe that you cannot control your fate

this isn't what you wanted
someone to break you down every motherfucking day
it's not the life you wanted
someone to break you, someone to make you

bruises on your face, i guess you fell down the steps again
and that's such a shame, cause you let it,
you let it happen over and over again

(repeat chorus)

it's just another day, the last day he touches you again.
but that's the price he'll pay.
you pull the trigger, it all goes away in one determined flash

(repeat chorus)

PAY!! close you eyes, you better, hold em' tight, you'll never,
don't keep telling yourself it'll be alright, don't keep telling yourself it'll be alright.


(repeat b verse)

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