Spooks---Something Fresh lyrics

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Yo Yo Niggaz aint fuckin with this originalist
Spooks aint bangin like this but more real is this
Uninventiveness amaze me, say to thee lyrically
Buy from Book-T but my inferial rap sixth sense
Speaking to cats i'm bringin em' back like
Bruce Willis in Mad matter a fact i'm laughin at cats
Who pike dad's. (lyrically done) like Kennedy dyin'
In planes flying in flames, forever blowin up cats like Blackpump
Scorching your back and taunting your eardrum with tongues

Ming-Xia check if your mic is on

A one-two, yes my mic is on, Hypno check if your mic is on

A one-two, yes my mic is on

(Water Water introducing)
Some of these boys cant rhyme...

You want proof!!
The freshest group since 93 was the Spooks and eh Spooks
No bullshittin last chance to start quittin before we start trippin
on leisure start start rippin ??????? i'm callin shit that you dont wanna
Witness no stopination I know your ??????? try to fuckin with this
Beautyfull bliss ma'mmy spook click opuses eat you for breakfeast
And plus i'll blow you a death kiss why would you set this objected
You cant achieve cease and assist my click came to make you believe

[Hypno] (chorus x 2)

I know Y'all lookin for something FRESH
Something that Y'all havent heard YET
Something original and subliminal
Let me hit it yo let me haer ya say HO

You may need a translation for the knowledge that goes
Over the peoples heads in the population spookdom agency spies
Unveiling the lies of false prophets of rhyme paralyze the superficial
Spoonfed James which we reprimand the media commands
Propaganda enough times and you begin to believe recycled wack
MC's and feel you up R B button punching producers with juvenile beats
Demean creativity but we got the remedy

[Hypno] (chorus x 1)

The unorthodox rhyme execution that Spooks use may leave you
The consumer mildly confused but actually you need to relax
And stop anticipating the same rap patterns and drumtracks
Adapted and practiced by a lot of our favourite acts too much
Integrity is getting lost in the art Hip-Hop is not about money and
Bitches so i'm a start expanding your horizons surprise we got
Collages specializing in vibin with squads liver than yours
Periodically see we like having a friendly but our lyrical sparring partners
Always take it to far

Ay Yo Book check if your mic is on

A one-two, yes my mic is on Wat-Water check if your mic is on

[Water Water]
Yo son you know my mic is on
My momma used to say write them rhymes young man...
My momma used to say dont give money to the hoes...
My momma used to say make sure it's something fresh...
I got what Y'all lookin for as I got th neuro AKA wa-wa-wa war
In ??????? i'm like kids in a schoolbus when I flip you'll be like
(You sank my battleship) I get kickin and jumpin first like
Chicken Douglas sounded up with how biscuits sonds of

[Hypno] (chorus x 5)

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