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All We Wanna Do lyrics

Rating: 6.41
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Written By Ken Cummings John Loeffler
Lead Vocals: Elan Rivera Jamily Gray
Background Vocals: Nikki Gregoroff

Never know what's round the bend
We go up the hill and down again
And when there's trouble we'll get through
We always have and we always do
Nothing in the world
Can bring us down, not us
Spread our little sunshine all around
It's never enough

All we wanna do is have some fun
Searching everywhere
For our place in the sun
All we want to do is celebrate
Every time we've been together
It's been great
We can find adventure big and small
Just being with our friends like you
Is all we wanna do

All my friends are here with me
And things are good as they can be
Travel places near and far
But home is always where we are
Traveling the world is what we do
Because everywhere we go there's
Something new for us

Repeat Chorus

Do you wanna come along?
(Just) be prepared for anything
Get into the flow
Get ready to go
Get ready to spread your wings

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