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Pikachu (I Choose You) lyrics

Rating: 6.30
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Written By Neil Jason John Loeffler
Lead Vocals: Elan Rivera
Background Vocals: Johto

You know that you're the one
So I choose you
There's no one else I'd rather have
Here by my side
And you can help me win this fight
Because we need to face
The challenge that's ahead
You know there is no other
I choose you
Because you are my brother
In this game we play
And if we have to go all day
So we can leave the other
Masters far behind

I've been training all my life
Waiting all this time
For this moment to arrive
And now that it's here
I don't have the fear
'Cause there's nothing left to hide

It's me and you
And there's nothing that we can't do
'Cause in the Pok¨¦mon World
Even masters have to learn
They will always find something new

Repeat Chorus

I will never doubt the dream
As long as you're with me
I know that we can reach the top
We're the greatest team
This game has ever seen
And we'll never ever stop

Repeat Chorus

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