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I Miss You lyrics

Rating: 5.26
Song Details

We used to talk, laugh a lot girl
What happened to those days
Did they all just fade away
Holding you in my arms
Made me feel so happy
Then you said you had to go
What¡¯s wrong? Baby I need to know
But now is the day I wish you could come back to make us true
But you¡¯re long gone away, now I¡¯m missing you
I¡¯m missing you baby, I miss you
I¡¯m talking to you baby, I miss you
I thought you¡¯d be with me forever
But I guess someone took my place
Took the place of me loving you
Making love to you all through the night
I wish you were still here
So I could see your pretty face again
Please come back and rescue me
From all this pain and misery
There¡¯s nothing I wouldn¡¯t do to get back next to you
I¡¯m missing you every day (I¡¯m missing you every day)
I just can¡¯t go on this way (I just can¡¯t go on this way)
Come back to me, I¡¯m begging you please
I¡¯m down on my knees, I¡¯m begging you please
I miss you

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