Cabaret soundtrack lyrics soundtrack lyrics

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Cabaret soundtrack lyrics
Alan Cumming---Cabaret
Alan Cumming---Don't Tell Mama
Alan Cumming---Finale
Alan Cumming---I Don't Care Much
Alan Cumming---It Couldn't Please Me More
Alan Cumming---Money
Alan Cumming---Two Ladies
Alan Cumming---Willkommen
Alex Bowen---Tomorrow Belongs To Me
Denis O'Hare Company---Tomorrow Belongs To Me (Rep
John Benjamin Hickey---Perfectly Marvelous
John Benjamin Hickey---What Would You Do
Joyce Chittick---If You Could See Her
Mary Louise Defender Wilson---So What
Mein Herr
Michele Pawk---Married
Natasha Richardson---Maybe This Time
Ron Rifkin---Married (Reprise)
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