Ancient Ceremony lyrics

Rating: 5.70
Cemetary Visions
An Ode To The Moon
Cemetary Visions
Choir Of Immortal Queens
The God And The Idol
Fallen Angel's Symphony
Black Roses On Her Grave (Desdemona's Secret)
Bride's Ghostly Grace
Death In Desire's Masquerade
The Devil's Paradise
Synagoga Diabolica
Choir of Immortal Queens
Crowned Child
Deorum Contemptor
Exodus, 10; 28
Forbidden Fruit Sapientia
Soul Darwinism
Under Moonlight We Kiss
Angel's Bloody Tears (...The Once Naked Flowers Dr
Dulcet Seduction
Eternal Goddess
Her Ivory Slumber
Secrets Under Blackened Sky
Shadows Of The Undead
Thy Beauty In Candlelight
Veil Of Desire
Where Serpents Reign
Journey Through The Gates
Moonlight Ceremonies
Where Serpents Reign
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