Texas lyrics

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Love Actually Soundtrack
I'll See It Through
Southside (1989)
Everyday Now
Fight The Feeling
Fool For Love
Future Is Promises
I Don't Want A Lover
One Choice
Prayer For You
Tell Me Why
Thrill Has Gone
Mothers Heaven (1991)
Alone With You
Dream Hotel
In My Heart
Mothers Heaven
This Will All Be Mine
Walk The Dust
Why Believe In You
Wrapped In Clothes Of Blue
Ricks Road (1993)
Beautiful angel
Fade away
Listen to me
So called friend
So in love with you
You owe it all to me
White On Blonde (1997)
Black Eyed Boy
Drawing Crazy Patterns
Good Advice
Polo Mint City
Put Your Arms Around Me
Say What You Want
Ticket To Lie
White On Blonde
The Hush (1999)
Day After Day
In Our Lifetime
Move In
Summer Son
Sunday Afternoon
Tell Me The Answer
The Day Before I Went Away
The Hush
When We Are Together
Careful What You Wish For (2003)
And I Dream
Another Day
Big Sleep
Careful What You Wish For
Carnival Girl
I'll See It Through
Place In My World
Telephone X
Under Your Skin
Where Did You Sleep?
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