16 Horsepower lyrics

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16 Horsepower
Coal Black Horses
South Pennsylvania Waltz
Straight-Mouth Stomp
Low Estate
Black Lung
Brimstone Rock
Coal Black Horses (world)
Dead Run
Ditch Digger (U.S.)
For Heaven's Sake
Golden Rope
Hang My Teeth on Your Door
Low Estate
My Narrow Mind
Phyllis Ruth
Pure Clob Road
Sac Of Religion
The Denver Grab
Sackcloth 'n' Ashes
American Wheeze
Black Bush
Black Soul Choir
Harm's Way
Heel On The Shovel
Horse Head
I Seen What I Saw
Neck On The New Blade
Prison Shoe Romp
Ruthie Lingle
Scrawled In Sap
Strong Man
Secret South
Burning Bush
Cinder Alley
Just Like Birds
Nobody 'Cept You (Bob Dylan)
Poor Mouth
Praying Arm Lane
Silver Saddle
Straw Foot
Wayfaring Stranger (traditional)
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