Sacred Steel lyrics

Rating: 6.85
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Army Of Metalheads
Battle Angel
Battle Cry
Blessed By The Gods
Blood On My Steel
By Steel We Rule
By The Wrath Of The Unborn
Carnage Rules The Fields Of Death
Crusaders Of The Metal Blade
Crush The Holy, Save The Damned
Dark Forces Lead Me To The Brimstone Gate
Declaration Of War
Dethrone The Tyrant King
Empire Of Steel
Faces Of The Antichrist
Heavy Metal To The End
In The Mouth Of Madness
Invocation Of The Nameless Ones
Iron Legions
Journey To The City Of The Dreaming Dead
Kill The Deceiver
Lay Me To My Grave
Let The Witches Burn
Lust For Blood
Master Of Thy Fate
Metal Is War
Metal Reigns Surpreme
Night The Witches Ride
Pagan Heart
Purified By Pain
Raise The Metal Fist
Reborn In Steel
Sacred Bloody Steel
Sacred Steel
Sacred Warriors Of Steel
Slaughter Prophecy
Sword Of The King
The Oath Of Blood
The Rites Of Sacrifice
Throne Of Metal
Trapped In Hell
True Force Of Iron Glory
Wargods Of Metal
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