List albums for letter I

In The Eyes Of Ioldánach (Absu)45
In The Flames Of Black Art (Darzamat)74
In the Flat Field (Bauhaus)125
In The Flow (Care Company)24
In The Forest Of The Dreaming Dead (Unanimated)85
In The Garden Of Serpent (Serpent)65
In The Garden Of Venus (Modern Talking)85
In the Good Old Summertime Soundtrack (In the Good Old Summertime Soundtrack)64
In The Graveyard (Dead Moon)105
In The Heart Of The Young (Winger)115
In The Heat Of The Night (Imagination)14
In the Heat of the Night (Pat Benatar)105
In The Heat Of The Night-Crimes Of Pass (Pat Benatar)205
In The Hollies Style (Hollies)125
In The Kitchen (Cadillac Moon)105
In The Land of Salvation and Sin (Georgia Satellites)145
In the Life of Chris Gaines (Garth Brooks)134
In The Life Of Chris Gaines (Chris Gaines)135
In the Line of Fire (Fatal)115
In The Line Of Fire (Fatal Hussein)64
In The Middle Of Nowhere (Modern Talking)105
In The Name Of Gore (Exhumed)54
In The Name Of Love (Earth Wind And Fire)105
In The Name Of Progress (Fingertight)134
In The Name Of The Father (Altar)95
In The Name Of The Father Soundtrack ( Em Nome Do (Bono)15
In The Opium Of Black Veil (Darzamat)44
In The Pocket (James Taylor)124
In The Ranch (Keith Urban)125
In The Running (Howard Jones)105

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