List albums for letter R

Rock 'til You Drop (Status Quo)15
Rock Album (Rod Stewart)116
Rock And Roll Heart (Lou Reed)115
Rock And Roll Over (Kiss)106
Rock And Roll Yo (charly garcia)16
Rock and Roll, Yo (charly garcia)16
Rock Animals (Shonen Knife)105
Rock Around The Clock (Bill Haley)16
Rock City (ROYCE DA 5'9")146
Rock Crown (Seven Mary Three)155
Rock from Hell (Grave Digger)15
Rock Gegen Oben (88)16
Rock In A Hard Place (Aerosmith)186
Rock Is Not Enough (Acid Drinkers)105
Rock Island (Jethro Tull)106
Rock Love (Steve Miller)75
Rock My Life (Jeanette Biedermann)195
Rock N Roll (Ryan Adams)145
Rock of Life (Rick Springfield)86
Rock Of The Westies (Elton John)115
Rock On (Alternative Allstars)116
Rock On Honorable Ones (Bowling For Soup)136
Rock Popular Brasileiro (Paulo Ricardo)16
Rock que se comparte (El haragán)16
Rock Spectacle (Barenaked Ladies)126
Rock Star (Rock Star soundtrack)116
Rock Star Supernova (Rock Star Supernova)106
Rock Steady (No Doubt)145
Rock the House (DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince)105
Rock the House (DJ Jazzy Jeff The Fresh Prince)86

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