List albums for letter T

Take Me As I Am (Faith Hill)105
Take Me Higher (Diana Ross)155
Take Me Home (Cher)15
Take Me Home (ZOX)125
Take Me Home (One Direction)206
Take Me Home Country Roads & O (John Denver)86
Take my head (Archive)115
Take No Prisoners (Molly Hatchet)106
Take Off Your Pants And Jacket (Blink 182)316
Take Off Your Pants And Jacket (Bink 182)16
Take Offs And Landings (Rilo Kiley)136
Take One (Shakin Stevens)36
Take That & Party (Take That)136
Take The Heat Off Me (Boney M)85
Take This to Your Grave (Fall Out Boy)16
Take Your Chance (Alexander Klaws)196
Taken By Force (Scorpions)76
Taken The World By Storm (Demon)55
Takin' Care Of Business (TCB) (The Supremes)156
Takin' It to the Streets (Doobie Brothers)95
Takin' My Time (After 7)96
Takin' My Time (Bonnie Raitt)55
Taking Chances (Celine Dion)186
Taking Over (Overkill)75
Taking The Long Way (Dixie Chicks)146
Taking the World by Donkey (Rugburns)166
Tal Bachman (Tal Bachman)126
Tal cual es (Diego Torres)136
Tales From The Damned (Damned)56
Tales From The Lotus Pod (Dark Lotus)176

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