List albums for letter U

Up There Down Here (The Badlees)125
Up To Our Hips (Charlatans UK)76
Up Up Up Up Up Up (Ani Difranco)336
Up Your Alley (Joan Jett and The Blackhearts)115
Up! (Shania Twain)426
UPA dance (upa dance)36
Upon Promeathean Shores (Hecate Enthroned)26
Upon Us (Taproot)96
Uprising (Bob Marley)106
Uprising (Entombed)125
Upset Sunset (Zelon)126
Upstairs at Eric's (Yaz)126
Upstart (Justincase)146
Uptight (Stevie Wonder)46
Uptight (Everything's Alright) (Stevie Wonder)36
Uptown (Big Fat Hen)16
Uptown 4 Life (UNLV)126
Uptown Avondale (The Afghan Whigs)16
Uptown Downbeat (Duke Ellington)16
Uptown Girls Soundtrack (Uptown Girls Soundtrack)106
Uptown Girls Soundtrack ( Grande Menina, Pequena M (Jesse Spencer)16
Uptown Saturday Night (Camp Lo)66
Urban Cowboy Soundtrack (Urban Cowboy Soundtrack)135
Urban Discipline (Biohazard)115
Urban Hymns (The Verve)126
Urban Hymns (Verve)136
Urban Legend (T.I.)216
Urban Legend (Urban Legend soundtrack)116
Urban Poetry (DaForce)36
Urban Solitude (Anouk)136

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