Man Of Your Dreams lyrics

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Album(s)USA For M.O.D.

You thought he was dead
It was just in your head
You better get ready for Freddy
You thought you saw him die
But it's you who's crucified
So now you'll pay for his sins
He'll come while you sleep
You're gonna rest in peace
He's in the mirror hanging on the wall
He'll rip out your chest
Your body he'll molest
Then laugh and use your blood
To paint the walls
First he kils one
Then he kills two
Number three on his list is you!
He's the man of your dreams
He lives to hear you scream
That's his satisfaction guaranteed
You thought you'd escape
You felt that you were safe
Then you felt his blade
Around your neck
He'll dice up your throat
On your blood you'll choke
None of this Freedy Kreuger will regret

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