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Album(s)Afraid of Sunlight

(Music: Marillion Lyrics: Steve Hogarth)
Even if the good old days were good
Even if the old days were golden days
The past is a terrible place to live
Misguided missiles, skin creams and cars
Loaded with dreams, pretty faces I'm loaded with stories
I'm loaded with dreams
Loaded with ambition
I'm loaded with live ammunitions
Saving up for Linda, saving up for Pam
Saving up for Naomi, I can therefore I am
Savin' up for Mary, savin' up for Jane
1000 pieces all over the room
Let's do it again
Icon therefore I am
Loaded with dreams, loaded with life
I only wish you knew
How hard it is for me to spare
This kind of thing with you
And if you sense a smokesceen here
A trick of dry ice

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