Stop Playing on My Phone lyrics

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Album(s)Rear End

(other girl)
Mercedes, you bitch, you still fucking with Jacuan, huh?
Bitch, you mean to tell me you still got time to play on my phone? You need to
find a job and go get you a better phone, you broke hoe.
(Other Girl)
Like I said bitch, you still fucking my man, huh?
You calling late at night disturbing my sleep talking about your mutha fuckin
man. Well I'll tell you what, Bitch, you gonna either learn to share da dick or
you ain't gonna have none at all fucking with a bitch like me.
(Other Girl)
Well what he doing for you, hoe? Igot a mutha fuckin house and an x-bo.
Well, I got you dick and a six honey, Hello?
(Other Girl)
Yea, Bitch, I'm still here. Well I guess some dick is better than no dick at

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