Free Game lyrics

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Album(s)Rear End

Since you've been gone
I've been talkin on the telephone
She says you're the one that makes her hot
Been rollin long together but this is where it stops
Ain't happy but I got the job
So much drama but it had to stop
Ain't trippin on the past no more
I packed your shit and now you gotta go
Chorus: A-Lexus, Erica Foxx (very fast)
The game is sold never told
and you totally tried to play me now I'm gone
You taught me well, but I'ma sell
cause your lovin was not easy it was hell
I'm sorry boo, I'm not a fool
You tried to play me but I played you
Thought you knew, I thought you knew
How could you change the game
I must have been a fool for you
Never thought - it would be this way
I should have known that something was up
cause you started acting strange
[Lil' Italy]
Uh yeah now I know, oh well it was fun while it lasted
but my my my I kinda miss how we once had it
Chased down your roots
From explicit perfumes and talior made suits
Taught ya how to stay away from sweet talkers and guys that's rude
Got ya, then put you ahead of the rest,even though we went through
what we went through, we couldn't connect
I think it was more than what I was lookin fo'
Cause as soon as I was coming in, I headed right out the door
Late night rendevous, with you know who
but you know I always brought it back home to you
My stories and thoughts of you are true
I lost you cause I was naive and playing the fool
Chorus (repeat to fade)

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