I Can Tell lyrics

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Album(s)Rear End

(Chorus 2x)Jamo
You aint gotta say too much from the look in ur eyes i can tell you wanna fuck
And you aint gotta call me ur boo just as bad as you wanna fuck i wanna fuck too
Now you aint gotta say much cause i was peepin you lookin at ur hips got me
thinkin bout how deep in you I'm tryin to got you heard about no limit soliders
you up in it and hit it harder tha De La Hoya. I thought i told you soilder
draws cover my balls I'm known for rippin the pussy walls I heard you got that
kill I can see all in your grill can you ride me like a black Mercades and make
me do the shit I never did with other ladies I got a woman so I'm not lookin
for love I just wanna fit your glove Get a couple of uhh uhh's and I'm out
just like a thug and uh hit me on my pager if you want it this soilder passion
so get up on it if you want whoa
( Chorus 2x)
Put me on the counter in the kitchen now baby cool my body with some icecream
lick me from head to toe bendin me over 69 'ill be the next thing. I wanna
taste your body all night long. From sun up to sun down I wanna make you moan
(Chorus 2x)
Can I light a candle&kiss you in the places light won't show I'll take my time
and do it slow I'll do my oral exercise its right between your thighs its all
very pleasable I'll go places he won't go lets keep it on the low low so he
wont know girl lets take it to the floor
(Chorus 2x)
Until fade

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