Carpe Noctem lyrics

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Album(s)Carpe Noctem

Now that the ever burning sphere
Down the horizon disappears
Nocturnal beasts regain the earth.
They celebrate with joy night's birth
Waking me up from dreamless sleep
To quench this thirst for blood so deep.
The night is now young...
...but for how long?
Hunting in the night so lonely
I wander accompanied only
By the bright light of the moon.
High it shines, a glow in the gloom,
While on pitiful mortals I prey
Until the dark skies bleed sunrays.
The night is now young...
...but for how long?
The wolves howl and low hoot the owls.
In praise of the newborn their chanting goes.
Yet the time never ceases to flow...
Oh child, why do you have to grow?

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