Four Forces Come Forth lyrics

Rating: 3.09
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Album(s)Cogito Ergo Macto

I call thee forth,
Adversary from the South!
Accuser! Thou who restraineth not thy mouth!
Ever opposite, mighty Lord of fire,
O Satan, grant me that which I desire!
Come forth, lightbringer, Angel from the East!
Thou whose beam penetrates the thickest mist!
O shining-most of stars, Spirit of the air,
Lucifer Morningstar, grant me thy glare!
Thine is Earth's mastery, Prince from the North!
Ruler of the field's beasts, I call thee forth!
One without master, whom no one can tame,
O great Belial, answer to thy name!
From whirlpools emerge, Dragon from the West!
O raging sea, grant me that which I quest!
As thy name is pronounced loud by these lips,
Come Leviathan, serpent out of the deeps!

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