Droidomized lyrics

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Album(s)From This Day Forward

He is the first one to be
Where someone was before
Where life is a lie and humanity is no more
No more than an illusion
No more than an aspect
Suffering from a pain that doesn't really hurt
But causes damages to his fulfilments
Theft of feeling by the corner of an eye
A lobotomy gets its part of impeachements
Computerized animation of existence
A life engulfed under a synthetical brain
The pain of an electronic pestilence
Burning microbes running into corporate veins
Somebody stole all of his emotions
There are no laughs, no tears, no sleep
Fading and fading, he never asks questions
The needle has gone too deep
Don't ask him the goal of his life
He will never know
Don't ask him the goal of his life
He's a robot
Prey of mad science, lobotomized
Transformed into a zombie, inhumanized
Vision brings the memory
Of a life under a human form
Memory brings the vision
Of a present that is not conformed
See what you've done to that man
See what you've done
He does remember the sorrow, the joy
But doesn't feel them anymore
Because the anger of being a toy
For sure would be filling his core
He is the first one to be
Where someone was before
Living in the present by a body of the past
Once it was his own
But it is not anymore
That body is alive but its life didn't last
He's been droidomized

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