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Album(s)Rage For Order

It was November 4th I last held your hand.
It seemed our time would last forever.
You said don't ever leave,
I thought you'd never go.
I wish I could just remember your name...
You're just a memory now like all the ones before but with your pain I've had to suffer.
Your eyes all night with flame as the picture burns.
I hear the screams from long ago.
They cry remember, blood-red streakes on velvet throats at night.
The streetlights fanned our trail of fame through
London, London, the memories will never leave me
London, London, all I see is you
London, London, the cries in the night keep bringing me to London,
London calling out to me
Oh, there's some things in life I could never face,
the worst is being alone.
Sometimes I wish I could have taken your place my love.
You know I don't want to live forever.
Oh, let me see you standing in the shadows once again.
We'll walk the streets like long ago in
London, London, the fire in your eyes will be bringing me to
London, London, all I need is you. The cries in the night keep ringing on in
London, London, calling out to you

All my secrets and I don't know who I am.
I even feel alone when you're near 'cause you'll nevr understand.
When the first met I must have seemed a million miles away.
It's strange how our lives have touched but the time is right.
I'll leave tonight, don't look in my eyes 'cause you've never seen them so black.

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