Lady Jane lyrics

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Album(s)Promised Land

(Chris DeGarmo)
Sitting all alone, inside, today Jane.
The other girls are home, we¹re playing a new game,
The voice is very, very close, you like it that way,
and we¹re feeling rather warm inside.

Are you smiling or afraid ?
You can have it either way.

Lady Jane your eyes are wide today,
and the world is looking very strange, you must proclaim !
It¹s quite a scary, scary ride we take, Lady Jane.

Yesterday seemed very dark, but now it¹s bright,
your clouds have gone away.
Sensory perception peaking at this time,
electric waves of sound are filling Janie¹s mind today
calling out to Janie as you drift away, ³Dont be afraid,
they¹re only your illusions anyway.²

Lady Jane your eyes are wide today,
and we¹re sure you won¹t forget the things
you¹ve seen today !

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