The Beast Raping lyrics

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Album(s)Black To The Blind

John Whiteside Parsons (1914-1952) - a brilliant rocket fuel scientist and one of the oddest disciples of A. Crowley, the Beast 666. Obsessed by the vision of Whore Goddess BABALON, he was engaged in very complex practises to incarnate Her emanation in a woman's body. The action was disapproved by Crowley and, as some occultists argue, the dangerous rites Parsons performed resulted in his violent death in a home explosion. For his NASA contribution one of the Moon's dark side craters was named after him.

mammary vow to the pleasure hunt
She gladly accepts in semen streams
life-drenching vaginal penetralia
Her Tokens of Loves are never defied

Drunken with the filth of the purest Desire
obedient She spreads the legs truly wide
for "Isis In Welcome" is the proper posture
yet Lady of Command She always is

Human apes, all what's to despise
too blind to see through Her Writ
erect phalloi salute Her Glory
of Fire-Hole astride the Beast

Slimy verses of wild-pounding gore
is what She writes with the holies Pean
all left for her is just to take
one little step into your world

(In memory of John Whiteside Parsons (1914-1952) and his "Babalon Working")

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