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The Courtship lyrics

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Artist(s)Ragtime Soundtrack
Album(s)Ragtime Soundtrack

Sarah, let me take him for a while. You haven't slept.

[There is a knock at the door]


I'm looking for a woman of color whose name is Sarah.
She is said to reside in one of these houses.

She's here. She's living in our attic.

Will you tell her, please that Mr. Coalhouse Walker Jr.,
desires to speak with her?

Certainly. Please wait here.

This is Sarah's baby. You want a cookie?

Sarah, you have a caller. A Mr. Walker. Will you come
down to the kitchen?

No Ma'am. Send him away, please.

Well, that's the most words you've spoken since you've
been here.


Sarah is unable to see you. Good day.

Thank you Ma'am. Tell her I'll come back next Sunday.

Such was the coming of the colored man in the car
to Broadview Avenue.

Each Sunday, he'd come driving.
Curtains would part,
Neighbours would peek.

I'm sorry, Mr. Walker. Sarah still will not receive you.

Will you see that she gets these flowers, Ma'am?

Week after week!

And aftyer weeks of Sundays

Sending him off seemed a crime...

Mr. Walker, it must be a long drive for you. Perhaps
you would like a cup of tea before you go?

This piano is badly in need of a tuning.

Oh yes. We are terrible about that.

Do you know any coon songs?

Coon songs are made for Minstrel shows. White men
sing them in blackface. This is called Ragtime.

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