Never Give Up lyrics

Rating: 2.97
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Artist(s)A New Found Glory
Album(s)Sticks And Stones

Living with me
I don't think it would be so bad
This is the first time this year that I'm not going to make you mad
I'm tired of my conscious always telling me to stop sleeping in
But I can't waste a second on dreams that will never begin

Everyone has a head upon their shoulders
We're losing our pride as we all get older
Everyone has to pick on their saviors
You might not get it right
Or you might realize that it's too late

Don't back down
I'm over the past can't you see
Don't back down
I don't really care about before
You met me

Is it cool if I see you tonight?
There's a thousand questions I want to ask you
If you think that it's all right

So don't take anything for granted
Stand outside in the rain
An exuse you know I planned it
Every ending ends uo the same

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