Bottom lyrics

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Artist(s)I Against I
Album(s)  -

Sitting all curled up inside,
the only place where I can hide.
Where I can hide.

I'll just put up a fake smile,
that ought to fool them for a while.
Why should they know?
They don't know who I am,
still they think I'm crazy.

I think of what I done 'til now,
the perfect way to bring me down.
To bring me down.
I'm scared to fail so I don't try.
I let my chances pass me by

The bottom's fallen out
and I think I'm crazy.
I don't know what I'm about.
I don't know and I'm crazy...

I should be my,
but who will that be?
I don't know what I'm about,
I don't know and I'm crazy.
And I'm crazy.

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