Brahmas And Mustangs lyrics

Rating: 3.87
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Artist(s)Ian Tyson
Album(s)Lost Herd

Brahmas and mustangs
warm summer rain
Indian Paint Brushes are bloomin' again
two million acres
and it all was green
I'm prayin' you will answer when the phone
starts to ring

Now the snow covered peaks
stand white in the sky
Santa Rose's are turnin' summer went by
my horses are rired I'm about thru
and I find myself thinkin more about you
and I'm wonderin'

Did I stay too long, did I play too long
did I whisper in my dream
Well, ain't what what
it seems

There's a pay phone in paradise
out on the edge of town
big cottonwood trees
golden leaves falling down
I'll wait a little longer- give it one
more try
please try your call later
means cowboy goodbye


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