Tribal Jam lyrics

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Album(s)To The East Blackwards

[Professor X]
(We have come..)
by way of the stars, by way of the Nile evermore
(We have come..)
speaking the tongue of the pharoahes, descending from such
(We have come..)
in love of the ancestor, the struggle continues
Loving heart, strong sun, firm fist
We are those

[Brother J]
We are evolutionists, for justice
People try to front and call us prejudiced
I know they know the truth, they call us battlers
The great warriors, systematic radicals
Who put their hand in the candy dish to pull a mint?
Government, taste the thieves descent
I heard you were a prankster, ultimate gangster
Daytime shooter, night time shankster
The phone-tapper, dress a little dapper so you think
my color's blacker than it's pink
Descending from pharoahes who travelled the narrows
and all of that are such
See me at the crossroad pimp-struts
I'm quite illogical but never been a savage
Genes scientific but I never have to map it
I'm harder than the diamond that the edam(?) might still
I'm never mythical, divinity is real
Mind stays steel, ever stable to the end
Nations begin, Blackwatch will defend
So now you raise the flag of the blood race earth
Freedom or death, and death unto birth, we carry on

[Brother J]
I am a man of the soil, crossroad walker
Great vine swinger, the pyramid stalker
Makin God music in sync with the universe
So here we go again, another Brother verse
Back into time on the banks of Nile
Writin on papyrus, readin the dial
Look into the sky from the city beyond
Countin to the nine cause the mission is on
So now the lion connection, retrieves degrees
Startin never dimming third eye ever sees
Beyond dimension, beyond the soul
The label of your car inscribed on the scroll
So whatchu gonna do but ride to the scale?
On your knees to the East, all hail
The Grand Creator, the host and children
How could you think, to conquer his dominion and exist?
Coming from abyss, we are this
See the black fist, take a kiss
And from your earthly dwelling you're dismissed
So can you dig it?
Now with a key, back into the swing of reality
Divine principality formalities are none
Son of a gun, I'm brother one, I am sun - enough!

[Brother J]
From the stars we are born in genetics
Anti-semetic? Ridiculous, chill
How you gonna copycat the pyramids filled
when a nation wears colors in respect of the build?
Comin through the gap in the mountain on a elephant
The world just shivered, I'm the earthquake president
Walked the path and my steps remained
Back to the den, grab a hold of the mane
Allegba(?), meet me at the road
A following soul, young to the old
Walkin in the path of the pure is not as easy
as they contemplate, but I obligate to demonstrate
Without struggle no peace and surely no state of mind
And what kind of nation will become
daughters and sons of what is, we have come
We continue..

[Professor X]
Tamu(?), Allegba(?), Osiris, Isis, Abraham, Solomon, Mohammad, Jesus
This is protected, by the red, the black, and the green
with a KEY!

[Brother J]
I was sittin by the river with my warrior's gun
A bunch of caveboys tried to house my drum
I never bust a sweat because it's not at all tragic
VOO-DOO, runnin from my magic!
I came across the sand on my faith alone
Eatin cooked meat while you gnaw at the bone
Sittin by the fire while you froze in cave
A bunch of silly thieves with the nerve to say you're brave
I think you're cowards; fightin systematically and chemically connivin
Cause you never liked us but it seems you're always trying
Try to say we're dumb but it seems you're always thriving
from the science.. so now I bear you
Sit, heed the words and raise the flag to prepare you
for the coming of the ones who never fear you
Don't you know a brother like myself will only dare you
to act foolish? We have come
Child of the sandbox, follow through the drum
We have come from with the mathematic sum
Now you wanna ask what's the dum-diddy-dum? The X, Shalom

[Professor X]
1990! The tribal weapon
Uh-ohh, the nine.. SISSSSYYYYY!

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