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Album(s)All Else Failed

(A throne in Heaven sat empty for 33 years.)
Why? For what do we strive that will bring us closer.
No human deed will show us approved.
For two thousand years we've chokedon our efforts.
Only tolay down and die.
Things change, and things stay the same.
Through allthese trials I cannot compose myself.
Till there is a time no heaviness fillsmy heart.
I canot ompose myself.
So in all this, there must arise a plan.
A strategy to subdue the schemes.
For generation upon generation God retained a silence that shattered the hearts of men.
And for a season, all else failed.
There is no other name, given
among men whereby they might be saved.
In all these years when men crawled the earth choking on his tears,
no composure, nor completion reigned.
No self righteous cleansing.
Leaning on the strength of self or another man...
No human effort can bring holiness or even the strength to stand.
There is no explanation for this reasoning.
The only thing in life that is constant is Jesus.

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