Medieval Rites lyrics

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Album(s)Medieval Rites

[Music & Lyrics : Alex COLIN-TOCQUAINE]
[Guitars / Vox: Alex COLIN-TOCQUAINE]
[Bass: Joël GUIGOU]
[Drums : Morten NIELSEN]
[Additional Vox : Carol HARROSCH]
[Additional Vox : Sibylle COLIN-TOCQUAINE]

-Contemplez mon pouvoir
-la ferme! Esclave,
envole toi et assiste au rituel donne en mon honneur

Middle-age at dawn in the wood
Winged demons fly away
To join the sabbath inside the circle of stone
Black candles light the place

Late at night evil force is invoked
Virgins raped by a goat
On the altar

In the name of satan
Ils arrivent...

Then horsemens arrive
Following the crossed knight
The ceremony turns to panic
Cries of pleasure turn to pain
Captured, unchained, jailed, and tortured
Finally accused of sorcery and burned

Imperium tuum abdico,
Qui nomine dei occidis
Corpus meus ab igne crematus est,
Et libera anima mea ad dominum meum ibit.

-ou sont-ils?
-les voici mon seigneur.

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